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Monday, August 30, 2004

Where Is My Mind?

Listening to: Sigur Ros - Untitled Track #7

Seems now that I've started this Blog thing I can't find anything to say to fill it up. All the thoughts, all the interesting ideas, clever commentary on life's little quirks, basically every reason I had for embarking on this literary venture has seemed to disappear from my head. Can someone please let me know if they see a little mess of brain remnants resembling something relevant (there's that word again) that I might have wanted to say?

Friday, August 27, 2004

Curious About Curiosa?

This was supposed to have been a Blog about two weeks ago - it ended up an M.I.A. e-mail that Juner never received. Still thought it was worthy enough to warrent a retro-active posting as well as being a suitable diversion tactic until something of relevance strikes me. (Still waiting - sorry Erin!!)

So it went something like this...

August 9th.
2 hrs of sleep.
Dropped off our nearly, nausiatingly sweet daughter at our
best-friend-in-the-whole-wide world's house to play with her two energetic kids for the night.
Picked up 3 of our other older adopted kids anticipating a great show.
Still no catalogues at Ikea.
Went on a very long on-ramp for QEW, with a gas station and a car
dealership among other things.
Stood in line admiring the rag tag collection of beautiful people
amongst the strange and the wacko.
There were more aviator style sunglasses there than at your average
police convention.
There were no thin mustaches.

Sidenote - There were much more good looking guys than women for some
strange reason. I loved the hipster hair that many of the guys
had. I really wish my hair was straighter sometimes so i could pull
off some of those looks. I'm no gay guy, but some of these guys were
really good looking - at times I found myself watching them more than the
girls. With girls it was the fragrance. Man there were a lot of really
hot smelling women there. There were a few times when I was walking to
get somewhere and I would catch a yummy stream of air just as I was
passing by some girl. I just wanted to stop, turn around, and follow
them around for a while. It was like catching a waft of Cath when
she's wearing her patchouli stuff as she was on this particular day, except there were
hundred's of them - all smelling fine with so many different arousing

Pointed out several "original" Cure fans with greying hair and
deteriorating complexions.
Bought overpriced shwag.
Bought overpriced sausage.
Threw out a third of disappointing overpriced sausage.

The first Band - Head Automatica - 2nd stage.

Pushed way to very front.

The lead singer looked like a Portuguese version of a flamin' James Brown on crack.
High energy. Velour shirt. Dark pretty boy spikee in the front hair.
Sang with a limp wrist.

Guiarist nearest me - flying vee - 'nuff said.

Guitarist furthest away - very tall with hair longer than mine but
straight. Skinny as a rail with an open shirt and white skin tight
jeans (eww). His legs were as thin as saplings. Yet still appeared to be there more for his appearance than any playing ability he displayed.

Drummer - very drummerlike.

Music - not worth my while. Tried but didn't enjoy it.
High on energy but low on substance.

Back to the main stage for Mogwai.

The band needs no high energy schtick to make them seem good.
Although the music was too quiet and the dynamics involved don't translate as
well for such a large venue, they were still breathtakingly
beautiful. I really, really love the way they create. They drift for a while
on the same sweet melody and then always seem to take my breath away
with some swelling transition and yet it sounds like - yeah, those
notes were always meant to be played together that way and they just
invented the coolest way to do it. It's hard for me to explain if you
didn't understand all that.

Insert sausage story here.

Decided to skip Cooper Temple Clause at stage #2 upon hearing thier
opener (which sounded too much like the first side band) while in
sausage line.
Decided to go see rest of Cooper Temple Clause after hearing second
song which seemed to have a lot more intriguing qualities to it.
They all had beards and British accents.
A really cool mix of synth and layered guitars with some pretty laid back vocals.
A little mellow - a little funky.
A little better than expected.
A lot impressed.
Will dig out a cd if cheap enough or at least download a few.
Thought about growing yet another beard...

Back to main stage for The Rapture.
You've seen them - they're fun.
They were good again.
House of the Jealous Lovers still kicks funky butt...
Set was definitely not long enough.

Took a break during Auf Der Maur.
Chilled a bit and scoured the remnants of individuals who didn't trek
over to see re-invented Hole bassist.
Offered one guy obscene amount of cash for the Slowdive shirt whe was wearing.

Interpol - main stage.

Only mainstage act I hadn't seen before and therefore highly anticipated.

Very, very good.
Very clean set.
Best sound quality mix of the night - clarity speaking.
Was very impressed and long to see them in a more intimate setting.
Came as advertised - Joy Division meets the Chameleons and tight as a... well lets just say really tight set.
The bassist had a real Gary Numan circa 1981 look about him. Black suit pants, dark red shirt and black suspenders and an ultra black 80's retro haircut. Nasty.

Caught a good chunk of the Muse show.
Three piece from the UK.
Heavy rock meets Radiohead; some of the stuff was almost like it was borrowed from classical music, translated into classic rock and then melded with Thom Yorke's vocals.
The singer had a huge ego though.
As if he was trying to show up the main stage acts...
Very cocky.
Somewhat annoying.
Very good.
Will download.

The Cure

See Cath's Blog.
I don't think they know how to put on a poor show and this was no exception.

I'll mention my hilights:

Plainsong was second out of the box, totally unexpected and greatly
appreciated by all. Musical grandeur.

One Hundred Years kicks ass - no other way to put it.

The Promise - although it was the final song on the latest album (as
well as the first set) and therefore not quite a favourite yet cuz
I've only heard it like twice, it really blew me away. Mesmerizing.

All 3 songs they did for the encore were from thier 2nd album - 17 Seconds - less familiar to the crowd but hey - it's the Cure - every album they released in the 80's was amazing.
A real treat for a real fan.
Also, after another monumental performance of thier signature live gem
A Forest, they unleashed what I originally thought to be an improvised version
of Three with spontaneous lyrics and more meaty music to it.
It dawned on me a few days later that it was actually the coolest thing ever that could have been played at a Cure showand I didn't even realize it at the time. It was the long lost live track Forever - only ever heard on early bootlegs or else the ever rare Curiosity - which was solely available as the second side of the cassette version of thier 1984 live album simply called "concert". This was my favourite song as a mopey quasi-goth teen-aged Cure-head. I knew every song on every album back then and I had forgotton it after years of Brit-pop, indie and electronica not to mention I had totally abandonned them for a long, long while after they penned the unforgivable Wild Mood Swings album. It was still totally amazing and breathtaking to watch - but to recognize it while it was being played would have made it that much cooler.
Thanks again Robert for another great concert memory.

The only problem with the show was Ontario Place's 11 o'clock 'cure'few
which saw them stop about an hour short of the 3 hour marathons they
usually put on.
They did squeek on an extra 15 minutes though.
So many favourites - so little time.

So that was it.
Great show.
Ginny and Craig's first taste of real live music.
A swell evening for all.

Monday, August 23, 2004

A Blog

Well here it is. I've finally Blogged. I hope yer all real happy now!

This is all I can write right now cuz Juner's gotta do hers now. Here I go - I'm gonna hit "Publish Post" now.

See you all later when I actually have something relevant to say.