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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Desparate Times

Trouble - Coldplay

Just saying hello to you all...I had a huge journal entry done up. I had to delete it. It was so bleak you would all have been reaching for the noose upon reading. I've been so miserable lately. To make matters worse, I just finished watching Desparate Housewives. It put an exclamation point on one waste of a weekend. Just a bunch of flowery debauchery with a mildly amusing plotline. My wife is nodding in agreement. We don't know why they call them housewives, I think only one is currently married - and she's shagging the lawn boy when the husband is at work. Yes, there is the half decent former professional turned mom character, who brings a bit of substance to the thing, but not enough to salvage it from being a trashy evening soap... Sorry fans, but I call it like I see it.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Just Grin and Bear It...

Listening to : Smile Like You Mean It - The Killers

My head is a mess. This applies in many ways, but... Friday evening, while we were delivering Dominoes to friends some three and a half hours away, the little cold I've been fighting off for about five weeks took a turn for the worse. What seemed like it might have been getting better at the beginning of the week decided to take up new residence tucked nicely behind my right eardrum. A few minutes after having gone down the mountain on the 403 in Burlington, it caved under the pressure change. These kind of ear infections were commonplace for me in my childhood. I am fully familiar with the pressure buildup and the sickening sound as it slowly drains through the drum wall once it succumbs to the pressure. I won't say much more it's kinda gross. I spent a lovely week end with friends genuinely having fun, but never letting on what I was experiencing inside my head.

We had a swell time though. Chillin out mostly to a couple of music mixes I had made for them. I helped Jodi make a pie. She makes a real yummy pie. She kept getting frustrated and making fun of me for trying to peel the apples too perfect. At one point I went back to the living room. She was taunting me and Andrew her husband told me she was asking for it so I'd better do something about it. I slowly walked back to the kitchen. She kept a suspicious eye on me the whole time. Before she knew what had happened she was on my shoulders and back in the living room spinning round and round. I dropped her on the couch. She felt really sick and I felt really bad. I didn't know she had such a weak stomach.... 'Nuff said.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Whirlwinds of Change

Listening to: Interpol - Not Even Jail

Yesterday was a buzz. Whirlwind. The decided name of project X. Cath wondered aloud whether it was because it is going to be a virtual 'whirlwind' trying to get to band practices over an hour away fitting them in after her work and before mine. Packing vehicles with tailgates that won't work, keeping up on supplies like strings and sticks and picks, making sure the child is looked after, food....mmmmm foood!

That was yesterday in a nutshell. Cath got off work at 4:15. We scarfed down a couple of sausages from some fundraiser. Craig was with us - we had gone to pick up sticks not even ten minutes earlier. Apparently the tweed case for my new electric was in too, so I checked in but it was an accoustic case. Mine's an electric. I told them I'll get back to them about it. Not only that but they had a guitar there I was drooling over almost instantly. It was a used red Gibson hollowbody in great shape for only $1300. Basically its the same type of guitar that I just bought only it's the real thing for about $2200 less than it would cost new. I wish I had more time to look at it - not to mention the funds to just walk up to the counter and buy it. You don't came across a find like that very often so you gotta jump when you get the chance. Cath's Rickenbacker was bought under similar circumstances...

The first jam session went amazingly well. It was exactly that - a series of about five or six 20 to 30 minute space jams. About two hours of stuff. Jez just sent me one session recording over 45 minutes long. I think it has a couple of jams in it though. Surprisingly good. Sounds swell - the name is fitting. We all seem to complement each other well. It actually had really good flow to it. We started out with a Verve cover of Beautiful Mind which sounded almost as good or better than the original at times. It's too bad Jez forgot to press play on the recorder for that one... After a few glasses of wine and few hours of playing my head was spinning quite nicely. I downed a couple of Tylenol, with a little more wine of course, and decided it was time to call it quits and go for some of Caths famous nachos - besides Katya needed some attention too.

The nacho's are amazing! Every time! When Jez was younger he used to get ahold of Cath's date planner and schedule in nacho days for himself. Basically what happens is this. Someone comes for nacho day for the first time thinking "nachos are nachos - how good could they be really".

Cath goes to work employing a few of us to help prepare stuff like fresh peppers and cheese and stuff. A bag of Tostito's mini rounds are baked in the oven for about ten minutes to help them get crispy. She swirls up some hamburg with taco seasoning mixed in and whips up a package of the nacho cheese dip. The seasoned hamburg is placed over the nacho's as is freshly grated cheese, Pace salsa, chopped tomatoes and green peppers and the cheese sauce is spread over it. The tray is placed back in the oven for about ten more minutes or until the cheese is good and melted. Finally, when it's taken out of the oven again, the whole thing is blanketed lightly in sour cream. Now its ready to serve. After a few bites the nacho virgins nod and agree that they are the best nacho's they have ever had. By the end, they are just raving about them quite stunned and amazed. From that day forth, any time nacho's are mentioned again they just start drooling remembering said 'Cath's nachos' experience. Not only that but at some point you realize you can never order nachos at a restaurant again because they really suck now in comparison. Yesterday we welcomed Ry, his wife and Craig into Cath's nacho world.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

I'm Still Alive

Listening to: My daughter humming while eating her corn pops

My life is a whirlwind. I don't have anything specific I want to say - just feel the need to start slipping back into the fake Blogger world again.

I'm currently putting the finishing touches on a new post-concert mix for the Interpol show we went to on Wednesday night. Usually I put them together to listen to on the way to the show adn make extra copies for everyone along too but life wouldn't allow. A sonic collage of influences such as The Chameleons and Joy Division; other early eighties avant garde bands like Bauhaus, the Bunnymen and P.I.L.; contemporaries like the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs and The Killers; a track from a demo of one of the opening bands (Hail Social)and oh yeah... mid 90's band Adorable - I really love them; all interspliced with healthy doses of Interpol's rhyming guitar layerings, pulsating rythms and of course the Ian Curtis'ish vocals.

The show itself was excellent. Good quality sound, decent lights, technically sound, they played very, very well and we got to hear most of thier best stuff. The typical laid back Toronto crowd was, well... typical and therefore there was no second encore which probably would have yeilded Stella and The New - otherwise it was all there. At various stages of the evening I felt so many different emotions - elation, frustration, joy, fear, sadness, irritation.... and so it goes. I bought both Interpol albums on vinyl for twenty bucks a piece - quite reasonable in my books seeing as I payed forty for my tour copy of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's last album at thier show. My copy of Turn On The Bright Lights also happened to be the very last one, it being the one stuck to the table. They sound superb but I think I need a new needle. I don't think it's ever been replaced.

Oh well, my post is totally about music - again. Surprise, surprise!! Hope I'm not gettiong too predicatable...

I'll try to keep you posted regularly again.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

AAAAARGH!!!!! And Chinese Bombs

Listening to: shuffle consisting of Interpol - Antics, Brian Wilson presents Smile, Belle and Sebastian - If You're Feeling Sinister, Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (single) and The Flaming Lips -Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

If I sound a little disturbed right now it's because this post was nearly done and the new kitten walked on the keyboard and deleted it. Not to mention all the fresh snags in my jeans from the thing constantly launching itself high enough to latch onto the side of my lap and pull himself up while I'm sitting here. I don't know how I ended up being dragged into this....

On a differenet note...

Well I fed the addiction. Bought cds. I just can't help myself when I go into a good cd store. I went in to buy ONE Interpol cd for consumption before next Wednesdays concert. I bought both of thier cds cuz they were both finally affordable enough; as in not nearly $30 each like any other time I've checked. Well, three more albums, five singles, two Ltd Edition best of's, and a birthday gift later...

Ok a funny thing happened at the local county fair yesterday. It was what they simply call "fair day" in these parts where every kid from every school gets a day off to hang out in one giant swirling mass with every kid from every other school. Its quite a spectacle. Thousands of kids dressed relatively all the same - each one claiming that they're expressing thier own individuality.... Anyways, that's not the funny thing.... I finally showed up just after lunch. The wife, the Chinese border student, the daughter, and her friend from JK had already been there a few hours taking in the odd ride and consuming absurd amounts of overpriced but oh so tasty fair food.(There really is no food like fair food is there?Mmmmm.... sticky fudge!) Naturally, I asked them how it had been going and then specifically asked Winney (the student) what she thought of it all. She said she enjoyed it but there were too many people. I smirked. I couldn't help myself. I quickly shot back "Too many people??? but you're from China..."

Friday, October 01, 2004

I Can't Get No Satisfaction

Listeing to : Love Burns by BRMC (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)

Dog tired but I don't care. Spent the mornin talking on the phone, hanging with Juner shopping, and practicing guitar. Since then I've been on this thing in various capacities chatting and checkin stuff out.

The last two hours I spent conversing back and forth with Jez and Ry bout the new project, trying to sort out a few details. Directions. Influences. Drummer options. No concrete plans though. Interesting though, at one point I asked Ry if he liked the Sundays just out of curiosity. He laughed and told me he was currently listening to Reading, Writing and Arithmetic - thier first album from like 1990. Great album if you like Smiths style guitar playing by the way. Also a very weird coincidence. Here's a band that has sort of disappeared over the years; I rarely meet anyone who has even heard of the band before I mention them, and here's this guy that I barely know playing what I would consider a more obscure record these days, right when I ask him about them. He also would have been in about grade seven when it came out. Jeesh, I was still into Howard Jones and Tears For Fears back when I was in grade seven. Just found the whole thing strange that's all.

At one point Ry asked me if music seems as real or impactful as it once did in my life. Here was my collective answer...

The only kind of music that I think is truly real is worship. That will truly last. That is the only kind of music that I find, almost always satisfies. (OK the good stuff like Paul Oakley) For most other music it can still be powerfully impactful ; especially on the right stereo , and even better if its on vinyl on the right stereo. I still find bands like the Verve, Spiritualized, and Slowdive breathtakingly gorgeous almost every time I hear them. And although it still sounds amazing you have to learn to accept that its different than that sense of wonder you had the first time. That's the drug-like part of it. Finding the next high. Chasing the musical dragon so to speak. In that way, people like us are junkies. You eventually have to realize that chasing that high won't ever satisfy very long, and that you have to learn to appreciate the music you've discovered already. Learn to listen to it and enjoy it for what it is every time you hear it. Then it begins to satisfy again. Although it can never truly satisfy, I still think we're here to experience and enjoy all this life has to offer. Part of that is musical exploration. It's such a vast beautiful realm, its almost infinite in that way. I beleive that's part of its appeal as well, since theoretically God is infinite, and whether people want to admit it or not, almost everyone in one way or another gravitates toward the infinite.