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Monday, October 25, 2004

Just Grin and Bear It...

Listening to : Smile Like You Mean It - The Killers

My head is a mess. This applies in many ways, but... Friday evening, while we were delivering Dominoes to friends some three and a half hours away, the little cold I've been fighting off for about five weeks took a turn for the worse. What seemed like it might have been getting better at the beginning of the week decided to take up new residence tucked nicely behind my right eardrum. A few minutes after having gone down the mountain on the 403 in Burlington, it caved under the pressure change. These kind of ear infections were commonplace for me in my childhood. I am fully familiar with the pressure buildup and the sickening sound as it slowly drains through the drum wall once it succumbs to the pressure. I won't say much more it's kinda gross. I spent a lovely week end with friends genuinely having fun, but never letting on what I was experiencing inside my head.

We had a swell time though. Chillin out mostly to a couple of music mixes I had made for them. I helped Jodi make a pie. She makes a real yummy pie. She kept getting frustrated and making fun of me for trying to peel the apples too perfect. At one point I went back to the living room. She was taunting me and Andrew her husband told me she was asking for it so I'd better do something about it. I slowly walked back to the kitchen. She kept a suspicious eye on me the whole time. Before she knew what had happened she was on my shoulders and back in the living room spinning round and round. I dropped her on the couch. She felt really sick and I felt really bad. I didn't know she had such a weak stomach.... 'Nuff said.


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