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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Been Locked Up

Listening to : Vonal Declosion by Stereolab

So my friend D. will probably kill me if I don't post about this soon. D. is the director ofthe local youth center in our town.

The other night we were both feeling like crap about our bleak futures when we decided to go to Brantford for some Dominoes cheesy bread. Along the way we stopped by Godfathers in Waterford which is the town directly between ours and Brantford to say hi and ask Juner if she wanted an order of cheesy bread to feed her own addiction to Dominoes. Of course she did! I know, I know, sounds strange delivering Dominoes to a worker at a Godfathers pizza joint but hey, absolutely nothing beats Dominoes cheesy bread.

So anyways we made it there. I used my usual alias Psychocandy. The whole fun bit. We got back to Godfathers and presented June with her cheesy bread. Juner was in quite grumpy mood mainly due to the fact that some "cock-knockers" (as she called them) had ordered 8 pizzas about 20 minutes before closing. She was not amused. They never showed till five minutes after closing. They were kinda loud and obnoxious pretty boy types trying to impress thier pretty girlfriends. Not only that but they had no clue what chipotle sauce was let alone how to say it properly. Anyways...

The kids left and she began closing the place while we figured we'd hang around to keep her company for a few minutes. We swept up a bit for her, shook out a few rugs and then noticed a bunch of police cruisers pulling into the strip mall lot. D. walked out to find out what was going on and they told him to go back into the outlet and not to leave.

Apparently there had been a robbery at the doughnut shop on the corner and no one in the entire strip mall was allowed to leave untill they got everyone's personal info and brought out a K9 unit. So needless to say we were there for a couple of hours just hangin with Juner. I don't think we left until almost 1am. Closing was at like 11pm.

D. has been mockingly traumatized by the whole ordeal ever since going by the MSN name "Emotionally Traumatized - Police Confinement" for the last few days. It was pretty strange though. And being locked in with Juner is always fun - even if she is a bit ticked off.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

the Gift

Listening to : Blur (self-titled) faintly from upstairs

So Katya has been up for a couple of hours, peeling paper off boxes and unloading her stocking. Eating lollipops and chocolate stuff. We've had a lovely "Merry Christmas" from dear friends J&A and the kids shouting over the phone. And soon we shall head off to my gram's to eat and eat and celebrate the day.

The day has come. This is the day to celebrate the Gift through the giving of gifts. To admire and celebrate a legendary figure dressed in red velvet and shouting ho-ho-ho because of his love for children and because he gave gifts unconditionally to each and all, having understood the depth of that Gift. May we all be thankful for that Gift as well as the gifts given to mark His birthday. Thankful for the coming of Immanuel who now offers each of us another free gift if we want it. I believe this is the true Gift of Christmas.

Hope everyone has a holly jolly Christmas Day!
May it be Joyful and Triumphant!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Wandering On...

Listening to: Something I Can't Have - Jesus and Mary Chain

It's dark inside,
The sky can't make up its mind,
A dance draped in white,
Or to drop like tears,
My fears blanketed in the memories of last night
And buried beneath an icy crust.
Each footstep cracks open a new wound on the glimmering terrain,
Eventually becoming a temporary landmark of past wanderings.
I long to shovel them all away,
To clean the slate so to speak,
But as I do,
Beneath the surface
There remains the compacted imprint of those same steps
Like whispy white ghost prints.
Together with the slush and mud
Bogging down the bottoms of my boots,
They serve as cold, haunting reminders of where I've been...

Crap, I really don't know where I'm going with this. Sorry. Next time I'll try to find a direction to point my wanderings toward.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


I know most of you have given up on ever hearing from me again but surprise! - it appears I'm still alive somewhere. I've been hibernating a lot recently. Sleeping. Not wanting to do much. I know I should be out there cramming resume's into the hands of every manager I can find but I can't seem to get past that nice warm cocooned feeling a duvet seems to give. Perhaps it's sympathy sleepiness for Cath or something - I dunno... But I managed to wake up enough to do this. I also managed to wake up enough for those furious fits of eating at a couple of family dinners on the weekend too. Other than that there's not a whole lot to report. My life is becoming quite bland in retrospect. Not to mention the whole succumbing to the fear of the future. Perhaps all this sleeping is some sort of coping measure brought on by depression or something. Fearfully bland - that's me!!

So... Happy Christmas everyone if i don't wake up enough to tell you then!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Killing Time...

Listening to : Starflyer 59 - Fell in Love at 22 ep

So Wednesday, thanks to Juner, we all (Cath, June and I) hopped in the van and took off to TO to see the Killers. It was a very fun filled evening after a very not fun day.

I got home from work and June called wanted me to drop off Austin at school cuz he was getting into her nailpolish and stuff. She figured if he was being that disruptive already that maybe he wasn't that sick after all and should probably go to school. So I went...

She came over for a bit after. A very short bit due to the fact that everyone one was touchy and short tempered and my daughter was being shouty and lippy and well... it ended up in a big ball of confusion to the point that June was about to walk back home and I wouldn't hear of it. So I drove her back.

I hung out there for about an hour or so and we kinda settled down and agreed we should still try to get to the show despite the fact that at any given point during that day there was probably at least one of us who didn't feel like it. Seeing as it was supposed to be a Christmas surprise from June to me (and Cath),I assured her that I really did want to go and that I wanted her to go too and Cath if she felt up to it...

We all had a nap.

We left at about 5:30. Traffic was fine. I was fully expecting another auto accident due to the way things had been going that day plus the fact that I realized that my auto insurance hadn't been paid and it was a due few days earlier. Anyways driving was no problem at all...

The show was really fun. In fact, we had a better time than any show we'd been to in quite a while. We were right at the very front again. The people we were standing around with were really great. A bunch of kids in thier early 20's and late teens were right in front with us. Then there was this really really cute girl just behind me who was constantly leaning against me, smiling at me and offering me Jolly Ranchers. She was probably no more than 18 even though she had a bar bracelet on. She was really nice.

No one knew who the opening band was until they came on. They were called the Outfit and when they came on, mentioned that they didn't even know they were playing that night until 1pm that day!! You could tell they were excited. |They seemed to be a newer band but still sounded great. Oozing with fresh confidence, they reminded me of The La's or early Stone Roses. Very stripped down and happy sounding jangly guitar pop sound as opposed to a lot of the more thickly layered indie rock sounds we're used to seeing, or the synth drenched 80's retro glam stuff like the headliners. They were quite refreshing actually and all the girlies seemed to love the singer.

Then they brought out some guy playing folk/country type stuff by himself who they introduced under the name Micheal Valentine(who is mentioned on one of the Killers b-sides in the song appropriately titled 'The Ballad of Micheal Valentine' oddly enough...).No one knows if it was actually him... He played the first tune with a little ukelele and then graduated to an accoustic to play his short insult fueling set. The crowd had little patience for him. He was actually pretty good - very tounge and cheek and played the straight man role quite well. I thought it was all pretty funny.

When the Killers finally did come on, Cath and June each grabbed the railing and hung on. The people behind me were a swirling mass of bodies tossing and swaying. Oh, and did I mention crowd surfing as if it were 92 all over again. It was the most vibrant crowd I'd seen there in ages - probably since Blur in the mid 90's. I ended up locking on to the railing with one arm and holding them back as much as possible so that all the kids (and Cath) in our little group could enjoy the show without fear of being crushed or stepped on. Despite fighting off the crush it was a really fun show. June on the other hand ended up outside of the peaceful bubble of protection I had created and was a little farther over toward the center of stage. Besides being crushed up front she had other "issues" with the people behind her. But she can share that with you in her own Blog if she wants...heehee.

The band was great. True showmen. They had style and energy and played remarkably well. I really like it when the band isn't so technically perfect that you might as well be listening to the cd again. It's what makes live shows like this into intimate encounters. I like hearing the bass strings getting a bit of fret buzz or seeing the guitarist grin cuz he missed one note somewhere. It only adds to the show. Like I said they played great, they just had a really good live feel about them. They loved playing and it showed. Not to mention they have some really fun tunes to play which only worked to thier benefit.

Overall it was a blast. We had a tonne-'o-funne. And I got my overpriced vendor's sausage after (so good!!)And it sure beat just about anything else we could have done that day. June claims that life is all downhill from here. Well that remains to be seen. But regardless if it is or not it was sure a good Christmas present. Thanks Juner. Happy Christmas to you too!