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Thursday, March 24, 2005


Listening to - A Northern Chorus

Most of what has been actually happening to my life has been adequately summed up in Whirligirls blog - a few visits with A & J, the temporary dispersal of children and a fabulous Sianspheric/A Northern Chorus concert, to these you can add waiting for what seemed like forever to get the last bits of jam from band mates and the job search hitting panic levels.

In my head it's a different scene altogether. I'm very depressed. I've basically drifted from crisis to crisis and have let life dictate its own way over me for far too long. After 10 years of good employment I have very little to show for it. Finances are just one side of the coin but I've earned nearly half a million dollars in that time and am swimming in the deep end on the negative side of broke. Things have to change soon, otherwise I fear I'm gonna lose it. My mind. Literally.

I'm sorry I'm very sour on life again but please no"everything is peachy and you don't even know it" - head buried in the sand comments please - they'll only add to my frustration...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Even Better Than The Best Of...

Listening to: U2 - the afore mentioned mix

Earlier I re-commented on an older Oddballpastor post about U2's tune Until The End Of the World and the spiritual relevance it has with its obvious references to Judas' betrayal of Christ. That kind of spiritual stuff is meshed all throughout thier lyrics of course...

I also mentioned that I had just completed a mix of U2 songs called Even Better Than The Best Of. I know it's lost a lot of steam and the original stick-it-to-em/I can do better attitude has waned a bit, but I have had the idea for this cd for like 3 years now ever since thier second Best Of came out in 2002. I was so appalled by the selections on it when I finally saw the track list I figured I really could do a lot better myself. Of course I bought the limited edition with the bonus disc of mostly remixes, but that didn't help. I was so looking forward to it because the first Best Of focusing on the earlier 80's era was just about perfectly done - a disc of early radio-friendly faves and an amazing cd of great b-sides which has become one of my absolute favourite cds of any they have released. But the new one was brutal. Far too many tunes from that horrid All That You Can't Leave Behind album and far too many bland "new" remixes taking up space where better b-sides belonged. The Fly - thier first big hit in the 90's era of the new revamped meatier sounding U2 wasn't even represented and neither was the Cole Porter cover of Night and Day which preceded the release of Achtung Baby by about a year giving everyone a slight peek into the direction they were going for the future.

Anyways this is my "slightly" revised compilation of thier best of the 90's. And in no particular order....

1. Night And Day
2. The Fly
3. Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
4. Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car
5. Miami
6. Alex Descends Into Hell For a Bottle Of Milk
7. Discotheque
8. Lemon
9. Even Better Than The Real Thing
10. Mysterious Ways
11. Until The End Of The World
12. Babyface
13. If You Wear That Velvet Dress
14. Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad
15. Slow Dancing (Bono only vocal as opposed to the Willie Nelson version)
16. Acrobat
17. Love Is Blindness

Of course I never said it had to be all hits so that's why it has my own favourite tracks from this era regardless of where they came from. A few singles, a few B-sides, and a few album cuts but no mixes. Not that any weren't worthy - just they are usually longer and eat up a lot of space. A couple mixes that were actually considered were the Jeep Mix of Lemon, Salome Zooromancer mix and Lady With the Spinning Head Extended Dance mix. My favourites that did make the cd are Ultraviolet, Velvet Dress, Discotheque and The Fly. If you wonder why a certain song isn't on... well if its newer I probably hated it and if its older I just ran out of room. I had also wanted to put on Stay, Dirty Day, Zooropa, and Who's Gonna Ride which interestingly I didn't really like at all originally but has grown on me a bunch over the past few years. Stay tuned for a revamped earlier Best Of tentatively titled Stories For Boys....

I'm working on a Cure mix as well at the moment. It's proving exceedingly tough seeing as they have about 20 studio albums and countless rare goodies. I think I have over 40 cds of thiers icluding boots, singles and live albums.

Im getting bored of this post.

With Craig as my witness, I did have another good-sized post just about done the other day. It was all about our amazing jam session on the weekend, but the computer froze up and lost it on me. We recorded about 8 really good jams. Come to think of it we would have recorded more jams at other sessions just Jezzy kept forgetting to hit record all the time. Hehe...